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Boys Winter Youth League 

MVVC is excited to run another highly competitive season of Winter Youth League. This league runs roughly 12 weeks and will promote what it takes to join a power league team in the summer. 

Sign up today.

(Due to the focus of the Youth League,

current Boys Power players may not join.)

The Boys Winter Youth League will start with a mandatory series of 1.5 hour Pre-Tryout Open Gyms followed by a placement day on Saturday, Feb 3 along with a mandatory parent meeting.

During tryouts, coaches will assess players based on their proficiency in volleyball skills, overall athleticism, and their capability to execute drills. The objective is to form teams that not only effectively represent MVVC but also optimize the individual potential of each player. The emphasis is on creating a cohesive unit where players collectively excel, while also fostering an environment that allows each player to reach their maximum capabilities. Offers will be extended on Sunday, Feb 4 . Please be ready to accept an offer quickly if received due to limited space in the program. Each team will consist of 16 athletes.

Winter Youth League practices are set to kick off on the week starting Monday, February 5th, continuing through the conclusion of the final tournament, Saturday, April 13th.

The program is designed for 4th to 8th graders. The Winter Youth League will have 4th - 6th grade and 7th - 8th grade boys teams with all teams typically practicing once or twice a week. Practice times are allocated in accordance with the team to which you receive an offer, in consideration of the coach's dedicated schedule.

Boys Pre-Tryout Open Gym: 

Boys 4/5/6

Pre Tryout 1: Jan 20 (1:30-3:00pm)

Pre Tryout 2: Jan 27 (1:30-3:00pm)


Boys 7/8

Pre Tryout 1: Jan 20 (3:15-4:45pm)

Pre Tryout 2: Jan 27 (3:15-4:45pm)

Boys Placement Day: 

Boys 4/5/6

Placement Day: Feb 3 (1:30-3:00pm)


Boys 7/8

Placement Day: Feb 3 (3:15-4:45pm) 


Tournament Dates:

Boys 4th/5th/6th and 7th/8th

Location: MVVC

League 1: February 24

League 2: March 30

League 3: April 13 


Pre-Tryout Open Gym cost = $75

What to Bring:​


Players should arrive a minimum of 20 minutes before tryouts to check-in.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact:

Josh Sullivan

Boys Power/Youth Program Director


Gateway Neighborhood Center

477 N. Mathilda Ave.

Sunnyvale, CA 94085


(Our 4-Court Home Facility

– big warehouse behind Trinity Church on the right


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