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Q: Who should I contact if I have questions:

To learn more about how MVVC is organized, please visit the Leadership page.

MVVC Girls Club Director

Mike Rubin (all ages)

MVVC Girls Assistant Director (ages 15-18)

Will Yuen

MVVC Girls Assistant Director (ages 12-14)

Girls Youth League

Tyler Rigg

MVVC Boys Club Director

Jonah Carson

MVVC Boys Assistant Director (ages 12-14)

Josh Sullivan

MVVC Sand Club Director

Lake Merchen

Youth Programs (Boys/Girls) / Payments / Financial Aid

Brian Wahl, Youth Director / Finances

Camps / Clinics (year-round)

Tyler Rigg

Girls Uniforms / Apparel / Player Registration

Nicole Shires

Boys Uniforms / Apparel / Player Registration

Wendy Bockholt, Lead Program Manager

Q:  Why should my child play club?

A:  Team sports are often vital to the development of a young person.  We believe that by putting kids in a positive and competitive environment, where goals are discussed and achieved, that they can learn values that will help them in life.  Club Volleyball emphasizes the values of teamwork, responsibility, perseverance, composure, self-discipline, and self-motivation.



Q:  What is the time commitment for the Boys Power League Program?

A:  The Boys Power League Program is a competitive level of club volleyball for boys in the 5th to 12th grades. Teams are committed for the year which includes the Fall and Summer sessions. The Fall session begins with tryouts in August, runs through early January, and includes the NCVA Boys Power League (located throughout Northern California) and several multi-day national-level tournaments (locations may include Chicago, Anaheim, and Los Angeles). The Summer session begins in mid-May, runs through early July, and includes at least two multi-day national-level events (including Anaheim / Los Angeles and Orlando). All MVVC boys' teams attend all tournaments. For more information, please consult the boys' information page at:



Q:  What is the time commitment for the Girls Power League Program?

A:  The Girls Power League Program is a competitive level of club volleyball for girls in the 8th to 12th grade. The season begins in November and runs until May or July depending upon Qualification. Please see the Girls Info page for tournament and practice information.


Q:  What is the time commitment for the Girls Premier (Area) League Program?

A:  The Girls Premier (Area) League Program is ideal for players interested in competitive volleyball with a shorter time and travel commitment compared to the Power League Program. The season begins with tryouts in November and concludes in early-May. Teams practice twice per week and participate in the NCVA Premier League and two additional tournaments for a total of 13 tournament days. Please see the Girls Info page for tournament and practice information.



Q:  Is playing time guaranteed for all players?

A:  This is dependent upon the program. MVVC coaches, for both boys and girls, Power and Premier (Area), are encouraged to balance playing time with player development and creating a competitive team. Players will have opportunities in practice and competition to develop and display their skills. Playing time in tournaments is not guaranteed to be equal. The focus of the Youth program is to develop the skills of all players.



Q:  What if I miss a practice or tournament?

A:  Our programs are designed to be as competitive as possible and we ask that if you would like to participate that you make volleyball a priority.  You are a member of a team and it is important that every team member gives 100% on the practice court and at the tournaments.  A team will do its best when all of its members are committed. With this in mind, we realize missing a practice for other activities or other sports might occur.  It is important that players and parents communicate this to our coaches and directors, so we can prepare the team to play its best even when a member is missing. Please allow sufficient notice if you are going to miss a practice or a tournament.



Q:  Where do the teams practice?

A:  MVVC has teamed up with Trinity Church in Sunnyvale to make the Gateway Neighborhood Center its dedicated practice facility! We are incredibly happy to announce that MVVC is the only club program with their own facility that offers both boys and girls high level volleyball programs.


Practice Location: 

Gateway Neighborhood Center

(Gym located on the back right of Trinity Church)

 477 N. Mathilda Ave.

Sunnyvale, CA 94085



Q:  What does it mean for MVVC to have a home facility?

A:  High quality facility with practice and training at a consistent home location.1) With about 16,000 sq ft of practice space, 4 courts, and a weight area, MVVC has coupled high level coaching with the best gym in northern California .2) Incorporating common skills practices throughout the season. During practice times, players from all teams perform position specific, skill based drills under the leadership of Mike Rubin, Jonah Carson, Arman Zakarian, Paul Leon, and other qualified MVVC coaches. This unique training opportunity not only means that all position players are learning the same verbal queues, but also provides valuable coach training for our entire staff. 3) Integrated resistance training as part of our program. Players will not only receive high level volleyball coaching, but also resistance and weight training after practice. Athletes will receive instruction on proper lifting techniques that are designed to increase speed, power, and vertical leap. 4) With a dedicated facility, players will train with a variety of different people and will experience a greater sense of community. 5) MVVC is working with the NCVA to host boys and girls tournaments. This means potentially less travel and greater convenience for everyone.


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