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Competitive Beach Volleyball

MVVC is excited to announce our 8th Competitive Beach Volleyball Season!  Our program is dedicated to training both boys and girls from ages 12-18 to learn the game and compete in sand tournaments. MVVC will run two to three practices per week in Cupertino. Players will be encouraged to compete through out the summer at CBVA (California Beach Volleyball Association) tournaments.


Why Sand Volleyball:

This is one of the best ways for indoor volleyball players to improve their skills. Doubles provides the best in random, game-like volleyball experiences with a high number of contacts per person. Each player's weaknesses are practiced throughout the game. If you're a bad passer, you get served; if you're a bad setter, you partner is served and you must set. You are forced to become a better player

  • To extend your range on defense as you are required to cover the entire court. 

  • To develop communication skills with a single partner before moving on to a 6-person system.

  • To enhance strength and conditioning through increased movement.

  • To learn equal part in the responsibility of every play with your partner


Whether it's on the beach or grass, 4-on-4 or 2-on-2, outdoor volleyball is a fun and effective way to gain valuable playing experience and to get an edge on other players. Play hard, play often and play outdoors to become a better all-around player. "A lot of indoor players are specialists, but on the beach you need to play all phases well, and you need a lot of ball control." – Karch Kiraly, three-time Olympic Gold Medalist (1984 and 1988 Indoor, 1996 Beach)


2024 Sand Kickoff:

MVVC Sand Volleyball will begin the season with our Kickoff Weekends in May.  The purpose of attending the Kickoff is to be seen by the MVVC Sand Coaches so that each player can be accurately placed in the appropriate training group.  Players who attend the Kickoff will receive priority when being added to training groups if the program has limited space due to a large number of registrations.There will also be a short parent meeting at the beginning of each Kickoff time to answer any questions about the program.  Please email Lake Merchen at with any questions or concerns regarding our MVVC Sand Kickoffs.

 Girls Summer Program  

 Boys Summer Program  

MVVC Competitive Beach Season:

Our boys and girls beach programs focus on skills development and preparing for competition. The season will run from June 1st - August 2nd (9 weeks). Training groups will consist of approximately 12-16 players and will be further broken down by skill level on two courts. Each practice will have 6 - 8 players and 1-2 coaches per court.


MVVC will hold four interclub tournaments at West Valley College that will be free to register for all MVVC Sand athletes.  There are also numerous opportunities to compete in and around the Bay Area, including weekly Wednesday tournaments in Santa Cruz.  

Please check out the California Beach Volleyball Association at for information about their tournament schedule and how to sign up for a tournament.  When you do sign up for the MVVC’s sand program and you would like to play in a CBVA or our own tournament but do not have a partner, please contact us and we will do the best we can in assisting you to find a partner.


Due to summer plans and travel constraints, we expect players to miss periodically due to summer schedules and vacations. In some cases, it may be possible to make up a practice session with another group.  Please check with your coach for availability.  In addition, the cost of all Summer Sand Programs anticipates that each player will miss up to 2 weeks worth of practice sessions throughout the course of the summer season.


Valley Church

10885 N. Stelling Rd

Cupertino, CA   95014


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