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MVVC is pleased to offer resources and guidance to any current MVVC player who wants to be recruited to play in College. With a wealth of collegiate coaching and recruiting experience, and having placed over 30 players into collegiate programs, MVVC understands the breadth of the recruiting process. 

College Recruiting

The information and resources listed below are intended for current MVVC players.



Players Interested in playing Collegiate Volleyball should contact:

Jonah Carson -


MVVC Girls

Players Interested in playing Collegiate Volleyball should contact:

Mike Rubin -

NCAA Recruiting Resources:

Information about each Division, Recruiting Rules, Lists of Teams -


Resources including eligibility standards and recruiting calendars -


NCAA Eligibility Center -


2018_2019 NCAA Guide for College-Bound Student-Athlete


Note that in both men’s and women’s volleyball, the recruiting rules differ for each NCAA Division, please consult the appropriate NCAA page for the division you are interested in playing. NCAA Divisions are based upon Philosophy and Scholarship opportunities; they are not based upon school enrollment.


To better understand the differences between the NCAA levels of men’s volleyball, please see this document.







NAIA Recruiting Resources:

NAIA Homepage -

NAIA Recruitig Rules -

NAIA Eligibility Center -

NAIA Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete

The NAIA, National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, is the governing body of smaller schools spread across the country. Scholarship, eligibility and recruiting rules differ from the NCAA. 

Recruiting Support Service:

Highlight video and consultation -

Athlete Mentoring Service:

Holistic Athlete Mentoring with James Walker Shaw -

Local players interested in joining the MVVC Family should contact either:


Girls Club Director

Mike Rubin -


Boys Club Director

Jonah Carson -

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